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Valentines Day is a tough day for many people. I recently found out that several girls like me at the same time and now I am so confused. I was ok with one person liking me but now I found out that 3 other people also like me at same time. I was at a friends house with both of these girls and i was on the couch with one just leaning my head on her shoulder and relaxing, thinking about what I can write for my blog. When the other girl asked our mutual friend to step aside and told her that she also liked me at the same time that just out suddenly. This happened without warning. 

I never had a girlfriend before and never been in any time of committed relationship before. Now i got so many girls that like me, I don’t know who to pick. One of them, is willing to let me cook for her and wants to I guess be with me. I like both but like I said I wasn’t expecting her to blurt out that she likes me that way. She thinks that she has never known a guy who loves cooking for a girl and was surprised. I love cooking and I guess that girls love that about a guy. 

If you are like me, choose wisely. Set ground rules that no matter which one you choose, you still like them as your friends and still want to be friends. Make sure that they understand that it is your decision and that you didn’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. They all understand that, now its just a matter of picking. Why do girls make it difficult is what goes on in my mind. 

As I am writing, I am still confused about whats going in my mind. I am just psyhed that someone who I thought will never like me, actually likes me and I was thrown off gaurd about it. I’m kinda excited about it. But happy that it has happened.  


4 thoughts on “The Valentines Day Blog

  1. Hi Marc,

    To start off, it sounds like you must be a very nice guy to have so many young ladies vying for your affection. I can see how one would see this as a problem to have multiple lady friends who want to be in a romantic relationship with you especially if you are all in the same social circle. Do you feel like this is a Trouble or an Issue? Your blog does not specify which argument that you are trying to make. Personally I feel like this particular situation is most definitely a trouble because you do not hear of many men complaining that women are basically throwing themselves at them. In fact with today’s epidemic of “bullying” and more and more young people who feel “alone” I think your situation is few and far between. You state that you have never been in a relationship and I can assure you that things only get more complicated when you do. I can only imagine that I am fairly older than you so I hope that this comes out as advice rather than a lecture… but don’t dwell too much on this problem. In the end your heart will know which direction to go in just try not to break too many hearts in the process. 🙂

    Here is an article that takes a sociological view on love and why it hurts. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your comment Crystal. I don’t really find this an issue at the moment. Do I find it troubling, a little. The reason why is because I’m usually the one that gets told no, “I’m taking” and stuff like that. Now it’s the complete opposite.

  2. Marc, as I was reading your blog, I was trying to figure out whether this situation you are in would be considered an issue or a trouble. I guess you could look it from both sides. It can be a little troubling to have to make a choice, especially when it comes to love and relationships, even though you have never been in a long term relationship, Im sure you have been in other siuations where you have had to make a tough decision. I guess this could also be a social issue because it is something that affects your group of friends. If you are all good friends and both girls like you, it may cause some hurt feelings in the group. Like you said I am sure you will choose wisely and make sure that whom ever you do choose to be your girlfriend, you will make sure the other woman understands you still value the friendship between the two of you. In any case, I think what you have here is a great oppourtunity, instead of a trouble or issue. Like Crystal said,you must be a very nice guy to have so many girls after you. Just dont break to many hearts along the way!

    • It seams to me that its works out to me as both. It’s an issue becuase it happened all at once, but its kinda a problem because it’s hard to process all at once if you know what i mean

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