St. Patricks Day and being Irish

I am Irish, French, French Canidian, and American. Having so many cultures in me is hard to keep up. I don’t usually celebrate the holidays. Yes, I do make Corn Beef for St. Patrick’s Day but not every year. I will be cooking this year at a local mental health facility in Haverhill and looking forward to it.

As we all celebrate in so many different ways, we have many different traditions with our families. I’m the one who works or volunteers on pretty much all the holidays, like this one. Im just the guy that helps others instead of me.

No I don’t know the history of St. Patricks Day at all and just know that I’m Irish. I’m not big on wearing green on St. Patricks Day or any other day. I don’t even get into the Christmas spirit of wearing Christmas colors. Unless its my PJ’s lol.

The only holiday in a way i actually do love is the Fourth of July. I can celebrate that all day, everyday, well execpt for the fireworks.


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