what can a surprise do for a friend on Facebook

Kinda funny how I am doing my blog this week. I just looked at my blog requirements and just the night before, and oddly enought, I made an IMovie for my friend who wanted to get started on a movie for herself for her newphew. I told here what she need and what application and or program that she needed for her computer. I have a mac computer which is a lot better than most computers of course.

After I made my unexpected video for her, I posted it to her facebook and she was suprised and loved it. The video following is the IMovie I created for her.

I love surprising my friends with videos that they dont see coming, and of course they wonder how it gets made from a computer. I recently made a video for another friend and his family that is more than 3 hours long.

The way that technology is on a Apple computer is really good. They have wonderful programs and applications that you. I would love to teach this program to those who are interested in making movies like my 2 friends. If I could recommend any computers for anyone and why, it would be Apple. They have more of a variety of programs and software to make movies, videos, and whatever you may need for your home, work and or school alone.

When I surprised her, I think she was in tears of joy. She was yelling how the heck did you do it on your computer. LOL!!

I listen to a radio station from Maine that in some parts of Mass, you can get on your car stereo. On Positive FM, in Maine and NH its Positive 89.3 and in Northern Mass it’s Positive 99.9 FM. You can listen to it on positive.fm. Each year they do whats called “Positive Acts of Kindness.” It’s always good to hear what others do. It is a Christian Radio Station and always good for the family, especially if you have children. The following link is their radio station.


Surprise someone down the street.


3 thoughts on “what can a surprise do for a friend on Facebook

  1. Hi Mark,

    I guess I am confused as to why you determined this kind gesture deviant? Since you made the video for a friend, I would consider this completely normal. Had you made this video for a stranger, or even someone you dislike then the act would be considered deviant or out of the norm.

    Nevertheless, I have been telling you all semester you seem like a very nice person and this was a very kind thing to do for your friend.

    I wish you luck in the future!


    • My friend always wanted to make a video but hasnt been able to make one, I have been attempting to help her make a movie. I see that you may think that if it was for a stranger is weird, I agree. I love helping my friends out in ways that sometimes, yes, brings surprieses to them. However I feel that no matter how much it means to to my friends, I’m always there to help.

      However, on another hand. I do specialize with computers and operate a computer bueiness from my house where I do make movies and work on computers for strangers at times. But for my friends, its free because i know they got me when I am in a jam as well.

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